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Future home buyers have a great deal of opportunity working with Konkle Investments. Aside from the top notch work that we perform at any property we work on, we also know other investors that turn out great renovated homes. What does this mean? Simple really, you get an opportunity to purchase an older home, renovated extensively in many cases, at a fantastic price. The beauty is in the fact that it is essentially brand new except the “bones”.

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Have slightly less that perfect credit? Know for certain that you are not alone. In today’s market, it seems that nobody has the greatest score from the big 3. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be a homeowner. Another avenue of real estate that we utilize are lease options. What is a lease option? In a nutshell, you lease the property for a period of time, at which you have the legal right to purchase the home, for a price agreed upon when you entered the lease. This is good for you because today the market is climbing. That means the price you agree upon today, may well be less than it could be sold for when you have to purchase. Generally, this scenario is only used by people with slight credit issues. Their credit must still be good enough to qualify. We will require you to work with a credit counseling service to repair your credit. This is good for you though, because they definitely are experts in this field. Lease options, much like normal mortgages, require a down payment. This down payment is non refundable, in the event that you don’t get your credit in position to purchase the home at the agreed upon time. It will be credited to you at closing if you do purchase the home. You can learn more about Wisconsin rent to own homes by contacting us today.

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We have been getting many calls from future homeowners that have proper lending ready and in place. What is the problem? They can’t find a place that they want to make an affordable payment on; and in the end still need to have “some work done”. We would definitely be willing to work with certain, qualifying, prospective home buyers to provide a home to their details. How does it work? We come across deals all the time that just aren’t perfect candidates for us to rehab and resell on the open market. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good deals.

For someone in good financial position, and who can see past a home in disrepair to the end result; this may be perfect. We could find a home that needs renovation, which means below market value. We could then come to terms on an end price, which would include your ideal renovation for the home. You could pick how you want the rehab to turn out, and voila! In the end, we do business as usual, except we know the end buyer from the moment we purchase the home. And you get, well didn’t we mention, your dream home!!! Click the link to send us your information regarding a purchase and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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